Still Awake Group Picture

The StillAwake Family

Arca | Can Dan | Emiliano | Lu.kii | Maalva Cruz | Markus Kolz

Crowd at New Years Eve

Summer 2016

Family is where our story begins EP

Maalva Cruz
Markus Kolz

Dunkelbunt im Garten Open Air & Indoor

Dunkelbunt im Garten

16 July

Opal / Lochau / Austria

w/ The Still Awake Family, Como Damar, Vasco and many more

Still Awake Electronic Wave

Electronic Wave

06 August

MS. K├Ânigin Katharina / Bregenz / Austria

w/ The Still Awake Family and many more

The Story

The 4th Anniversary Stage

The corner stone to Still Awake was laid in 2011 to breathe new life into Lindau's legendary Club Dome. To spice things up we added a number of very talented young DJs to mix with our veteran DJs with more than 15 years experience and completed a very successful first year.

After numerous in and outdoor events we set our sights on a new resident club. In our new home, Club Opal in Austria we had to overcome a few obstacles before things really took off. Previous ownership had left the club with an inopportune image to find a supporting label. But with lots of blood, sweat and tears, we have turned that image around. With plenty of current bookings and many hot nights, our region without Club Opal is simply unimaginable.

Not only did the club profit from our efforts, we have been able to make a name for ourselves as well. From Vienna to Innsbruck, from Ulm to Zurich, our 7 artists are constantly traveling and are drawing excitement and attention with unique sets, creating all kinds of magic on the turntables. Benefiting from our priority of a Family Spirit, our artists are able to create fantastic back 2 back sets that are surprising and breathtaking.

Maalva Cruz has already been producing for Global Ritmico, which spurred us to create our very own record label. At SAWA Music, we are now working on our second project, set to release Spring 2016.


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